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2018 Diary

Below you will find a diary of events for 2018, all events are colour coded as follows:

N.B. The background colours MAY not appear if printed. This is controlled by the print settings of your web browser.

For more information on any of the events below please contact the event organiser.

This diary was last updated on: 25th April 2018 - 22:49 BST

Date Event Details Organiser
9th January - 20:30 Committee Meeting Jacqui
14th January Chepstow - Sport Diver+ Andy
28th January Chepstow - Sport Diver+ Andy
13th February - 20:30 Committee Meeting Roland
25th February River Leven Drift dive - All Levels Ian
2nd March Chepstow - Sport Diver+ Steve B.
10th - 11th March Eccleston Delph - All Level Seb
13th March - 20:30 Committee Meeting Jacqui
21st March Full Face Mask Try Dive Peter/Lance
30th March - 2nd April Portland - Steve's RIB - B&B - All level Steve P.
4th April Rebreather Try Dive Peter/Lance
8th April Dive Lectures DT8 to DT12 Seb
21st - 22nd April Eccleston Delph - All Level Seb
24th April - 20:30 Committee Meeting Jacqui
5th - 6th May Pembrokeshire - Hard Boat - Bunkhouse - All Levels Sue
13th May Twin-set Theory Seb
29th May - 20:30 Committee Meeting Jacqui
3rd June Twin-set Practical Seb
9th - 10th June Portland - Steve's RIB - Camping - All level Steve P.
16th - 17th June Eyemouth - All Levels - B&B, Details to Follow Maggie
23rd - 30th June Medes Islands (Spain) - Hard boat - Self-catering apartment - All level and non-divers Roland
4th - 5th August Plymouth - Hard Boat - Bunkhouse - All Level Rich H.
1st - 8th September Cyprus - Hard boat - Self-catering apartment - All level (Ocean Divers + 10 dives) and non-divers Andy
6th - 7th October Lundy Island - Hard Boat - Bunkhouse or Camping - All Levels Ian

If you are a member of the club and are organising an event which you would like to be added to the diary, please contact us indicating the type of event (social, training, diving, proposed, lecture or pool), the date, details and name of the organiser.