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The Committee


David Lymer

David Started Diving with his Wife back in 1984 and has held most posts on the committee at least once before. He enjoys both diving and teaching others, seeing people conquer their issues, increase their knowledge and understanding, plus develop a passion for diving and the sea (including their Daughter Sarah).

David enjoys all different types of diving and climates; with their different challenges… from underwater photography (both still and video) to search's and lifting (his house is called 'Anchor House', due to the WW2 anchor outside the front door).

He has been an Advanced Instructor since 1996, with various other Skills Development Qualifications and RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Qualifications. He has a passion for any type of boat… paddled, rowed, sailed and of course power boats (ranging from 1.5hp - 235hp), not to mention dinghy's and a 38ft yacht!

His memorable dives include an anchor lift, 20 miles out of Weymouth (at night complete with a rescue!), searches off the Thesis Scotland (finding what they went for) and 40 metre dives in the Caribbean (in shorts and tee-shirt)... not to mention the amazing marine life (seen on dives around the world).

Diving Officer

Sébastien Danneels

Seb learnt to dive in France in the early 1990's whilst at University. He then crossed the channel and also to BSAC in the late 1990's. He enjoyed diving as a Sports Diver for 10 years and in 2009, he qualified as Dive Leader and became an Open Water Instructor in 2011.

His favourite UK dive sites include; James Eagan Layne (Plymouth), Kyarra (Swanage), Shuna (Oban) and Dresden (Scapa Flow).

His favourite international dive sites include; Maupiti Manta Point and Teavapiti Pass (French Polynesia), Similan Islands (Thailand), Speyside (Tobago), Tioman Island (Malaysia) and Marsa Shagra (Red Sea).

Seb is happy with any type of diving, as being underwater makes him happy. He very much enjoys coxing the club's RIB.

Training Officer

Peter Miles

Peter is a doctor in Stoke on Trent with grown up children. He started diving in Malta with PADI in September 2008 and immediately became hooked. When Peter realised that there was a way to go diving without paying for another course and the hire of kit that he already owned, he decided to join SSAC. He's gradually ‘progressed up the ranks', diving with people that he would “happily trust the lives of his children with”.

Peter has dived in many locations… England, Scotland, Wales, Egypt, Lanzarote, Gozo, Sardinia and Spain and plans to widen his experience year by year. He enjoys sharing this experience, teaching skills to new divers and loves seeing their smiles as they reach the surface, having acquired a new skill.

He believes that divers are privileged as 'aquanauts', able to explore a new world, breathing underwater in the company of fish and mammals whilst discovering pieces of history, in the many wrecks that they swim through. Happy and Safe Diving!

Equipment Officer

Roland Smith

Roland kind of fell into diving, one of his palls whilst boating abroad in 2005 suggested having a try dive after he complained about the amount of time he could spend underwater with a snorkel! On returning back to the UK, he had a try dive and signed up to do the Ocean Diver course with Stafford Sub Aqua Club. At that time the Ocean Diver was the only level of diving he considered as necessary, but strangely enough a few year later, he has now qualified as an Open Water instructor...

For Roland, time away and especially underwater is relaxing and stimulating. He enjoys the practical instruction element especially and gets a kick out of other people developing their skills and learning to Dive.

He dives both in the UK and overseas, with a particular affinity for the Medes Islands located off the shores of Estartit in Spain.

Boat Officer

Richard Haughton

Richard had his first try dive with Stafford Sub-Aqua Club in January 2014 and was hooked instantly.

He sailed through his Ocean Diver course in record time and progressed to Sport Diver just before going for a week diving holiday around the Medes islands (Spain) in June 2015.

He enjoys weekends away diving off the club's rib and as a true Engineer, he is always to hand to sort out things. He is now currently working on the dive leader course.


Alan Weaver

Alan has been a member of the Stafford Sub Aqua Club since 1995; during this time he has held a number of positions on the committee as a general member, the training officer but the majority of the time as the treasurer and membership secretary.

He enjoys being a member of the club and the various training activities at our weekly meeting.

He has dived in many locations both in the UK and around the world however he now prefers to dive in warmer climates with warmer sea temperatures.


Gus Angeli

Gus Angeli is a Forensic Psychotherapist and has been a member of BSAC since 2012. He joined Stafford Sub Acqua Club in 2015, where he has achieved Sport Diver qualification and he is currently working towards his Dive Leader.

He has dived in some UK locations but his favourite places to dive are abroad, in the many diverse dive sites in Cuba.

Social & Publicity Officer

Sue Dunn

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Ordinary Member

Jacqui Hodgkinson

Jacqui has been a member of the club since 2011. She decided that she needed to “learn how to do it properly” after experiencing a succession of amazing try dive experiences in Thailand, Egypt and Kenya.

Jacqui completed her Ocean Diver in 2012 and her first open water experience, after qualifying, was a trip to the Farne Islands. Diving with club member Steve Postles she experienced what she considers a “moment most people could only dream of” when she came face to face, quite literally, with a seal pup! She is currently the proud recipient of one of the club’s annual awards: the What Rock Award (don’t ask)… for the second time!

She is now working towards her Dive leader (but at her own pace) and enjoys every moment of her diving. Even when things don’t go quite to plan, after all there is always CAKE!

Ordinary Member 2

Ian Dunn

Ian has had a lifelong ambition to become a SCUBA diver after watching a documentary as a child... 35 years later he finally took the plunge and decided to do a try dive with his partner. Joining the club was an easy decision to make following this experience Ian progressed to Ocean Diver in 2016. A trip to the Medes in Spain followed, where he proposed to his partner under the waves! On his return he decided to continue his training for Sports Diver which he hopes to complete in 2017.

Past Committee Positions


  Chairman Diving Officer Training Officer Equipment Officer Boat Officer Treasurer Secatary Social & Publicity Officer Ordinary Member Ordinary Member 2
2016-17 David Lymer Sébastien Danneels Peter Miles Roland Smith Richard Haughton Alan Weaver Gus Angeli Edward Holmes Jacqui Hodgkinson Ian Dunn
2015-16 David Lymer Sébastien Danneels Peter Miles Roland Smith Richard Haughton Alan Weaver Gus Angeli Edward Holmes Jacqui Hodgkinson Damian Jones
2014-15 David Lymer Sébastien Danneels Peter Miles Roland Smith Graham Rowley Alan Weaver Charlotte Shaw Edward Holmes Richard Shaw Position non existing
2013-14 David Lymer Sébastien Danneels Peter Miles Roland Smith Robin Smith Alan Weaver Charlotte Shaw Position not filled Richard Shaw Edward Holmes
2012-13 David Lymer Maggie Surrage Sébastien Danneels Roland Smith Robin Smith Alan Weaver Craig & Helen Bradbury Position not filled Richard Shaw Edward Holmes
2011-12 Steve Postles Maggie Surrage Sébastien Danneels Roland Smith Robin Smith Alan Weaver Craig & Helen Bradbury Position not filled Richard Shaw Chris Southcott
2010-11 Steve Postles Maggie Surrage Sébastien Danneels Roland Smith Robin Smith Alan Weaver Craig & Helen Bradbury Georgina Clough Richard Shaw Position non existing
2009-10 Steve Postles Maggie Surrage Sébastien Danneels Roland Smith Robin Smith Alan Weaver Position not filled Georgina Clough Andrew Hillier Position non existing