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Already a Diver?

If you learned to dive with an other organisation

It's easy for PADI qualified (or other agency) divers to dive with Stafford Sub Aqua Club and BSAC.

If you have a recognised qualification, you do not have to do any cross-over or further training (unless you want to!). It doesn't matter who you trained with (recreational, commercial or military), if you've never dived in the UK before or if you haven't dived for a few seasons - all very welcome - please join us!

Being affiliated to BSAC, Stafford Sub Aqua Club recognises your diving qualification and when you join us you can continue to dive within the limits of your certification.

Also if you want to further your training with a BSAC qualification, your diver grade will be recognised and a cross over will enable you to progress to the next higher BSAC grade without penalty - it's that easy.

For example - divers transferring from PADI:

If you are interested in joining our club please don't hesitate to contact us.