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Policies & Procedures

As ratified by the Committee on 15th February 2016

A number of operating rules have been agreed by the Committee over the years. These have been summarised below:

Age Limits

Members should be over 14 years old, unless one of their parents/guardians agrees to accompany them into the water for training sessions/trips when the minimum age is 12. The club supports its instructors in exercising their right not to train children.

The club reserves the right to approve club members, who are instructors and wish to train their own children, and are prepared to take full responsibility for this training, to do so, within the auspices of the club, to the minimum age permitted by BSAC (currently 10 years)

There is no upper age limit.

Try Dives


The logistical and financial aspects of a trip are the responsibility of the organiser, but the Diving Officer retains overall responsibility for diving safety.

Equipment Hire

Membership Classes

NB: anyone undertaking training will be required to reimburse the club for any training packs/manuals required for the course.

Instructor Training

The club will reimburse those who successfully complete instructor training course for 50% of the fees, providing they intend to remain with the club for a minimum of 12 months and to participate in the training of other members