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Constitution of Stafford Sub Aqua Club

For easy navigation, the constitution is split up into sections, please use the links below to select the information you wish to view.

1. Name

1.1 This organisation shall be known as "Stafford Sub-Aqua Club" hereafter referred to as the club.

1.2 The Club may make rules within its own jurisdiction to govern the Club, but will be guided by the British Sub-Aqua Club.

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2. Objectives and Aims

2.1 The objectives of the Club are to promote safe diving and diver training as well as providing social activities, advice and information.

2.2 The Club shall aim to provide opportunities for underwater exploration, scientific research, encourage environmental conservation and perform services to the local diving and non-diving community in general.

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3. Membership

3.1 The Club shall offer membership to any person being suitably proposed and seconded by full members, and ratified by the Committee, all diving members will become members of the British Sub-Aqua Club.

3.2 Members shall pay all due fees before taking advantage of their proposed membership.

3.3 Applications for membership shall be made in writing.

3.4 The Club membership will run from the 1st January to the 31st December. New members will pay one full year's membership from the date of joining the Club this applies to both their British Sub-aqua Club and the Club memberships.

3.5 Their Club membership renewal in the following year will be brought into line with the Club's standard renewal dates, by payment of a proportion of the annual fee.

3.6 The Committee retains the right to expel and member, who in the opinion of the Committee has behaved in a manner likely to bring the Club into disrepute, or any member who fails to comply with the Club rules, any such cancellation shall not carry reimbursement of fees.

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4. Honorary Life Membership Award

4.1 As an award of outstanding merit, a two-thirds majority of the Committee may bestow on an individual the title "Stafford Sub-Aqua Club Honorary Life Member".

4.2 Life members shall no be entitled to any special privileges, and shall be specifically excluded from the voting membership of the Committee, except where they are directly nominated.

4.3 These members will be deemed members of the Club but will be responsible for their individual British Sub-Aqua Club membership.

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5. Management

5.1 The management of the Club affairs shall be the responsibility of the Committee, who shall meet not less than 8 times per year.

5.2 The Committee shall comprise the following elected members:

To a total of 10 persons.

5.3 There shall be no permanent members of the Committee, all positions being for re-election annually by Club members at the Annual General Meeting.

5.4 The Diving Officer may, with the approval of the Committee, appoint an Assistant Diving Officer.

5.5 Sub-Committees may be elected or appointed by the main, but will automatically be dissolved at the end of each Club year.

5.6 Sub-Committees have no power of implementation or decision on any policy without the minuted approval of the main Committee.

5.7 Club members may be co-opted onto the Committee in an advisory capacity following a suitable proposal by a Committee member and a seconder.

5.8 Full voting rights and status as a full Committee member bust be ratified at an EGM, if required.

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6. Committee Meetings

6.1 Committee meetings, dates and venues shall be decided by the Chairperson, and 21 clear days notice shall be given.

6.2 Committee members shall be able to demand that a meeting take place within 21 days, if notice of the demand be given to the Chairperson in writing, and be signed by one third of the Committee members.

6.3 Decisions shall be made by a majority vote.

6.4 Agenda: The general form of the agenda for the Committee Meetings shall be:

6.5 A quorum shall be deemed to exist if 51% of the membership is present, or for good reason at the discretion of the Chairperson.

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7. Annual General Meeting

7.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM), shall be chaired by the chairperson or in their absence by one of the Committee.

7.2 The AGM shall be held during October of each year, and 43 days minimum notice shall be given at a normal Club meeting.

7.3 Officers shall be elected by a majority on a secret ballot, written proxy votes may be accepted by the Chairperson seven days prior to the meeting.

7.4 Immediately prior to the close of the meeting the succeeding Chairperson shall be invited to address the meeting.

7.5 The agenda for the AGM shall be restricted to:

7.6 A quorum shall be deemed to exist if 51% of the membership is present, or for good reason at the discretion of the Chairperson.

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8. Extraordinary General Meeting

8.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be convened at 14 days notice and communicated to the full memberships giving details of the proposed subject of the EGM wherever possible. Details will be circulated in advance of the EGM for consideration.

8.2 The EGM can be requested by:

8.3 Proposals shall be presented to the secretary not less than seven clear days before the EGM, in writing and seconded.

8.4 Agenda for the EGM shall be drafted as appropriate.

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9. Funds and Subscriptions

9.1 Members shall subscribe to the Club on the basis of an amount per head, each year decided by the Committee.

9.2 The Committee shall decide the class of membership and associated entitlements.

9.3 The funds shall be deposited at the accredited bank of the Club, and be under the control of the Treasurer, who shall report on finance to the Committee and the Annual General Meeting.

9.4 Cheques shall be signed by two approved signatories.

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10. Changes in Constitution

10.1 Alterations or amendments to the constitution can only be made at an EGM.

10.2 Any proposal must be in the hands of the Secretary, in writing fourteen days before the meeting.

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11. Interpretation

11.1 Any question that may arise as to the interpretation of the constitution shall be decided by the Committee.

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12. Contingency

12.1 Any contingency that may arise and is not covered by this constitution shall be decided by the Committee, and ratified at the next EGM.

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13. Dissolution

13.1 In the event of the dissolution/disbandment of the Club, an EGM shall be called.

13.2 Every member shall be notified and such capital assets, records and all monies, after the payment of all outstanding bills and expenses, shall not be paid or distributed between the members but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation, having objectives similar to those of the Club.

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Chairperson: David Lymer Secretary: Gustavo Angeli

Date: 2nd December 2015

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