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Stafford Sub Aqua club has always owned a dive boat. At present, we use a 6.25m Osprey RIB powered by a 150hp V6 Johnson outboard motor. It is fitted with GPS navigation, depth finder, modern VHF Radio and other required safety equipment (flares, radar reflector, etc.).

We keep the boat on a trailer, at a members house and have towed it to destinations all around the UK including: Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Northumberland, North and South Wales and both East and West Scotland. The boat can comfortably carry 6-8 divers and their equipment and is used regularly for about nine months of each year.

We have BSAC Boat Handling Instructors in the club and run BSAC Boat handling and Diver Coxswain courses for members on an ad-hoc basis.